Friday, 21 April 2017

Little things #1

Everyday when I return home from work Mansi drops me till where I can get transportation to my home, though her home is before that, still she comes an extra 500meters to drop me . She generally parks her car at such a place where the sunlight is directly falling into the bonnet making it hot as hell. Hence, the seats become unbearably hot . Since last few days what I'm noticing is , whenever​ I open the the gate to sit inside the car , a white towel is already placed there so that I don't get hurt.

This might seem totally nonsensical as it is about a car seat and a towel, but the emotions hidden behind these two says a lot about people who really care for us, as I firmly believe it's the little things that matter.

In life , we will see these two kind of people--
1) Who claim that they care for us and nags it throughout the day
2) Who actually care for us and don't say a word for it ever

I'm grateful that I have people from the second list in my life.

With luck, a woman of this age
Human Potpourri