Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Banyan Tree

Banyan is one of the oldest species of fig trees .It is a potent symbol of fertility, life and resurrection. Famous for its ample structure and life-saving sunshade while its canopy is the shelter for many lives. No matter who is under its shade, a person or animal , it always provides shelter. The Banyan tree is kind and merciful and always spread its life-saving hand to the needful during the scorching summer days. Its dense canopy saves many from rain. No matter how many times humans cut fig trees like Banyan , it never go against its role , and keeps showering its forgiveness.

Just like the Banyan tree , Women are born with the motherly instinct. No matter she has a child of her own or not , she is a born mother. No matter how others treat them for not planning for a child or not having a child , they would still shower the same amount of motherly love toward a child . But the biggest similarity between a Banyan tree and a woman is , no matter how forgiving they are , whenever you will try to cut its stem , it can fall hard over you too. So be careful with your axe . And, most importantly , be careful with your words.

With a motherly heart , a woman of this age,
Human Potpourri

Birthdays are special!

Birthdays are special. At least for me , I still feel excited when it comes to my birthday. Though it remind us how each year we are getting older , it also does remind us about how we have known about the world more, how we have known people more, how far we have realised who the real friends are , how far we have gone against all the hurdles and above all how much more we can opt for , dream for . Yes, life goes on and so do we. Time never stops for anyone. Not a single one of us. But still we celebrate the passage of time on our birthdays. It gives us an opportunity to cherish 'us'.
Well, if you're​ thinking about why I'm writing this post today as my birthday was last month , I should tell you about this College senior of mine ( who's post pushed me to post this ) . Teesta Di was my senior in bachelor's degree and master's , so ofcourse , it's a long time now that I know her. Yesterday was he birthday for which she came up with a lot of exciting Facebook posts , videos since last few days and we're still counting. No! I didn't bring her into this to say that I don't like all these. Rather, I loved it. It shows how much she loves herself , how much she is proud of her being in this world, how much she feels good about her existence. Not because it's she . Not because it's about a dear senior. But just because, the way she is showing excitement about her birthday, which I think is totally okay.

These days, I hear from a lot of people that they don't even remember their birthdays until somebody wishes them. Even I have Friends​ who does the same, lacking the excitement about their birthdays. They treat it like , it's just another day. I've heard people saying things like ' what's so exciting about birthday ? ' , ' what's the need for us to tell others about our birthdays ' , 'no body even cares when my birthday is , then why should I care ' and what not. Now , tell me, if you , yourself don't be happy about your existence , about the day when you were born , then how can you expect others to do that for you? 

N.B. - Loving yourself for who you are and being a narcissist is two different things. So, do reflect before you judge anyone. And, in case it's about narcissists , then, don't you think we all are that to some extent??

With a huge amount of selflove,
Human Potpourri

Mediocre Rationale

No matter who you are, what you do , how much you earn a month, if you don't have good friends then all these things really are insignificant. We are humble people with humble dreams , living mediocre lives. And, we believe in the power of karma , we believe if we do good then it will pay off positively​. And in case , someone does something bad to us , we believe they will get their part of share for it too. This is how our Mediocrity rationalize things.
Well, on a discussion about present with my childhood friends today at some social gathering , one​ of my friends raised a question about someone from the past and the whereabouts. And, then the conversation took it's pace and continued with more discussion about the minutes. This indeed didn't only act as a reminder of that person but also reminded me how easy things were. I was truly surprised that even today how easily we laughed and had a great time, discussing those little stories from the past. It felt like nothing has changed for an instance. But then reality struck me hard ( as always ) and I regained my mind.
And the conversation went on with other things.

|| Mediocre rationale​ : Thankful to them who stayed. And, thankful the most to them who didn't. || 😊

N.B -- The post above, is not connected to any particular person's life and any resemblance is totally coincidental.

 Warm Regards,
Human Potpourri