Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A woman , A friend!

I have always discarded the concept of 'best friends'. I believe , calling someone our best friend is actually disregarding other friends. Friend , such a small word with so many emotions. A friend can come from anywhere, any background, any age , here the feeling matters not the attributes. And most of the time a friend is found when it is most unexpected. For me calling someone my Friend has always been enough. Because if I'm calling you my friend, I really consider you as one. I don't like calling an acquaintance a friend or a friend as 'close' because , a friend has to be close enough to be your partner . Ain't it? And the concept of 'fake friends' go above my understanding as I perceive it as an oxymoron!

I came to know Monideepa through my workplace. Though the first time we met was not that smooth , still , somehow we managed to move each other to an extent beyond friendship goals. After my hardcore breakup with two women from the past I was quite reluctant with forming any emotional bond with any other woman. The fact is finding a female 'friend' in this decade is truly a challenge , due to the jealous nature of some.

Monideepa Di, as I call her always had that sister's concern in her eyes and motherly warmth in her voice. She is a sheer example of Dance and Quick wit . I love the way she pampers me at times while supports me like a rock when I stumble. A hard-working woman who is devoted , obedient and curious to learn. But , what I like the most about her is her childlike heart , pure and filled with raw emotions.

Today, was the last day of her work with me . She changed the workplace , for which ofcourse I'm one of the happiest person that finally she has taken a step towards her dream. On the other hand it felt weird that from tomorrow I'll not be able to see her everyday. The connection will be there indeed but those gossips against your boss , those endless food parades , those stress buster laughing session in the mid of work pressure , those meetings over 'chai' and samosa will never come back.

Still, at the end of the day people who matter to you will be with you , no matter where they are. I will always be thankful to her for changing my preconception about emotional investments upon another woman , whom I can call my 'friend' .

More power to her,
Human potpourri

Monday, 6 February 2017


I'm the light to guide you through darkness. The light , that you need the most at this point of life. Though I have to burn , in order to produce this light , I burn every now and then . I burn day and night. Every second of burning has become a habit of mine. So, take this light and go on. Let my striving not get wasted. Let my wounds of burn feel that , something worthy is being produced out of their sacrifice. Let the light within me serve it's purpose. Cause, I shall burn either way, if you choose the light or not.

Choice is yours.


Saturday, 4 February 2017


We project part of ourselves in everything we do. Our values , believes , needs and desires are projected upon the external world. All the record — written , pictorial and concrete , gives us an idea about a number of lives, culture and thought processes. Hence, when we find similarities with another person , we actually see part of ourselves i.e. projected upon them. This may be due to the fact , that , we either project to meet our societal goals of getting accepted through the link of similarities . Or, we project , so that , part of ourselves stay alive in others that helps us to stay immortal even after we expire.

Warm Regards,
Human Potpourri

Finally! I have a blog.

Since childhood, I’ve been using my diary as a platform to confide thoughts, emotions, experience as I’m not much comfortable in sharing them with others. It was certain that, I’ll never end up opening my own blog.

But, this is indeed an unique trait of life. What we never plan , just happens. Life is such a quest indeed , full of mystery and paradoxes. I often wonder about the dynamic nature of life, it is uncertain, yet it’s uncertainty is highly certain. Maybe, this is why we often confront things that we fail to gather prior information about. Events take place in life when it is most unexpected, and, when it does, it surprises us – no matter good or bad , but , it does surprise us!

Why the name Human Potpourri?

Potpourri is a mixture or medley of things, which indeed goes with not only me but, I think it goes with all of us. We all are mixture of different elements, though some of them occupies more space within us, dominating the essence of this mixture. Days ago, I've read somewhere ~
“Takes birth in me, also, dies in debris. I am a Potpourri. A mix of dead petals, effusing divine fragrance. Walking on the journey, of controversy. I am a Potpourri.” , that touched me in some unique way and made me feel like that, it is written for me.

So, here I am , sitting in front of my laptop, typing this first post that I’ve never thought I’d post someday. While typing this, a quote that is very close to my heart by Isaac Asimov knocked into my consciousness. A quote that alone depicts the reason for why I write.

Warm Regards,
Human Potpourri