Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Reminder : The best friend was once an enemy , the enemy , a camouflaged Friend!

As we grow up in life , we meet different people. People who befriend with us , people who compete with us , people who love us , people who hate us , people who help us , people whom we help , people who can save you and finally people who can kill you.

You being a kind person, many a times would confront people who will be self centered. They will stick to you like a leach with a purpose, until it's finally met. Who will be an enemy , in the face of a friend .

You should not feel sorry for helping these people who disregard you after they have gained from you. Such people always did exist and they will continue to exist . But this should not bother you, cause you do things that defines you , that makes you who you are. Bothering about these mere beings and feeling sorry for about yourself would probably change the meaning of why you help people and what drives you to empower others. Life is about making choices and hence you choose to do things that makes you who you are . Those misusing it , would be the fools left with nothing, cause I believe , every gain will be followed by a loss and every loss will end up gaining something. So, it's their misfortune that they couldn't sustain you.

Feel sorry for them , not yourself!

With caution a woman of this age,
Human Potpourri

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