Sunday, 25 June 2017

The Banyan Tree

Banyan is one of the oldest species of fig trees .It is a potent symbol of fertility, life and resurrection. Famous for its ample structure and life-saving sunshade while its canopy is the shelter for many lives. No matter who is under its shade, a person or animal , it always provides shelter. The Banyan tree is kind and merciful and always spread its life-saving hand to the needful during the scorching summer days. Its dense canopy saves many from rain. No matter how many times humans cut fig trees like Banyan , it never go against its role , and keeps showering its forgiveness.

Just like the Banyan tree , Women are born with the motherly instinct. No matter she has a child of her own or not , she is a born mother. No matter how others treat them for not planning for a child or not having a child , they would still shower the same amount of motherly love toward a child . But the biggest similarity between a Banyan tree and a woman is , no matter how forgiving they are , whenever you will try to cut its stem , it can fall hard over you too. So be careful with your axe . And, most importantly , be careful with your words.

With a motherly heart , a woman of this age,
Human Potpourri

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